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  • 20GB RAID10 SSD
  • Transference nonMeasured
  • Domain free in Annual hiring
  • Limitless domains
  • Limitless accounts of e-mail
  • Gratuitous LetsEncrypt certificates
  • cPanel/WHM/Autoinstalador
  • Daily backup copies Including

  • 5 GB RAID10 SSD Intel Datacenter
  • 2 CPU Intel Xeon
  • Transference nonMeasured
  • Not administered
  • Control Panel VestaCP
  • SSH/root access
  • Recommended for VPN and RDP

  • 25GB RAID10 SSD Intel Datacenter
  • 2 CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5 v3
  • 2 GB Dedicated RAM DDR3 ECC
  • Transference nonMeasured
  • Complete administration
  • Optimization to size according to CMS (Prestashop, Magento, WordPress.)
  • Port: 1Gbps
  • Gratuitous LetsEncrypt certificates
  • Control Panel VestaCP
  • Datacenter in

SSD RAID 10 – 1 GBPS optimal Yield

All our servers use discs Intel SSD Datacener in RAID10, with controllers RAID LSI, causing that the yield of our plans is optimal, up to 5 times faster than other servers, are monitored 24h of the day, the connection of all our services is of 1GBPS.

Datacenter in Improvement the positioning

We are lodged in the prestigious datacenter GlobalSwitch (Madrid) the datacenter more advanced of the city. We count in connectivity with Level3, NTT, Terramarkt and CoGhent. The 4 better suppliers of the country, having an excellent connection with Europe and America. We count on peering direct with Google, which will cause that to position to you it is much more easy.

Real support 24/7/365 we helped and we advised You

If something we valued in OneStopHosts, it is the attention to the client, and for that reason esforzarmos us day to day to help you in which you need, and to consult in your project. We take care of by telephone (900525243) chat online, ticket and/or e-mail to you.

Guarantee of return Reclaims the money if you are not happy

We offer to the clients the possibility of reclaiming the money of the contracted product, but he would be happy with the service within the term of 15 days. Aside we offer a SLA contract of the 99,999% of uptime guaranteed.