Our Ideals

From the principles of Cubenode System S.L we have strived in which we considered the aspects most important to consider in the business of hosting:

  • Support
  • Quality of the Servers (SSD RAID 10 with discs Intel SSD Datacenter)
  • Commitment and seriousness

Under our point of view we think that fulfilling those points, we will be able to offer a complete service. For that reason for each point we offer the following thing:


We count on telephone support, chat or ticket 24h of the day the 365 days. We do not ignore your problems! We will help you as far as possible, always making an effort to us to the maximum.

Quality of Servers

All the servers who we have in Cubenode are mounted low discs SSD RAID10 and V3 processors of last generation. They have a power of 3.50 GHz. In addition to that, in all our servers we offer a connection of 1 GBPS. For that reason we guaranteed 99,99% to you of uptime, under SLA contracts.

The Discs Intel SSD Datacenter are those that more yield and security provide the user.


We want to be day to pending day of your services, offering to you the best thing of us at every moment. We will be able to have failures, but our commitment is to solve them as rapidly as possible and to learn of them not to commit them more.

You have to your disposition, 24h telephone route, to which one will be in charge to help you in everything what you need.

OneStopHosts S.L counts on private capital, contributed by the partners shareholders who form it, for that reason we strived day to day to offer best products and seriousness facing the client. There is no company behind, only people who have strived because CubeNode becomes reality and fulfills its objective, to satisfy the client.