Datacenter GlobalSwitch (Madrid)



All the servers of Cubenode System S.L are lodged in GlobalSwitch (Madrid), one of the best datacenters of all the city. The GlobalSwitch group is one of the most powerful as far as the creation of Datancenters in Europe, having presence in several countries as, for example, Holland, Germany.

Electrical provision

Infrastructure_Power_01 IS

All the Data centers of Global Switch fulfill, as minimum, the requirements of the centers Tier III, and present a minimum redundancy of 2N with regard to the electrical provision. The electrical infrastructures are designed to guarantee their robustness and flexibility, so that it obtains that the computer science systems have an uninterrupted electrical provision. We realise continuous investments in power capacity and adopted a policy of transmission of the electrical costs to the clients based exclusively on its consumption.


Cooling IS

In all the centers of GlobalSwitch, the teams of the clients are protégés in managed and highly flexible good surroundings, with an infrastructure of designed to secure a redundancy of N+1 and connected refrigeration to the systems of management of the building. We are expert in creating surroundings that secure the maximum efficiency of refrigeration and that turns out to him useful to optimize the distribution of their equipment, to balance the main air flows and to obtain some values of constant temperature and humidity.


Security IS

By means of a combination of a design an adapted to the aims, some strict operative procedures and resistant isolation of the buildings, Global Switch guarantee that the security is not put in risk at any moment. The clients benefit from knowledge who exist sophisticated monitoring, alarm systems by means of closed circuits of TV and watchman of security, presents 24 hours to the day and 7 days to the week in the facilities, as well as from a rigorous monitoring and a maintenance.


Cubenode System S.L tells on connectivity of 4 operators of network world-wide level: Level 3, NTT, CoGhent, I become effeminate, thus providing, peering direct with Europe and America, and guaranteeing a guarantee of SLA of the 99,99%. In Hardware we only used quality components, as much Routers as Switch CISCO SG300, to guarantee therefore the maximum quality as far as network traffic talks about.

All the servers of Cubenode System S.L have a port of 1Gbps “unmetered”, with a guaranteed minimum port of 100Megabyte/s

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